Over the past four months, we have had the privilege to see what our founders meant when they penned three magnificent words – WE THE PEOPLE.

Honestly, when I penned UNFIT TO RULE, I never envisioned what has transpired.  My faith was that 10,000 booklets would be printed and distributed.  Alice’s (the incredible patriot who funded the project) faith was, “How many can we print for $30,000.00.”

That number was 300,000 booklets and I felt like a million dollars until a semi truck pulled up with pallets from end to end stacked with boxes of books.  My heart dropped to my feet as I wondered how I was going to explain to Alice that I had wasted her money on too many books.  As I’ve already stated, my faith was 10,000 booklets.

Well, God’s faithfulness has far exceeded my faith and Alice’s $30,000.  As of this blog, the people of ONE NATION UNDER GOD RADIO have distributed 1,000,000 books in English and 20,250 books in Spanish.  Alice’s investment has exceeded $120,000.00 (and she loved every minute of it) and my faith has been increased tremendously.

But, maybe the place where my faith has been boosted most is in those three magnificent words – WE THE PEOPLE.

We have received email after email, phone call after phone call, and letter after letter from WE THE PEOPLE.  Each has had a different way of saying it, but each have had the same heart – “WE WILL STAND.  WE WILL GO.  WE WILL FIGHT.  WE WILL PREVAIL.  LIBERTY WILL ONCE AGAIN STAND PROUD IN AMERICA.”

I have watched Phil and Carol Castillo work tirelessly in taking books to the post office and renting trucks to go to the print shop to pick up more boxes, all without pay.  I have watched Lori, my incredible wife, work upwards of 15 hours in a single day logging addresses, printing labels, and delivering boxes to be delivered, all without pay.  Neighbors have helped.  A pastor named Dr. H. L. Champion personally has distributed 80 boxes.  My sister, Pat, is responsible for calling Tea Parties and Republican Parties to get 100,000 booklets delivered in Florida and other key states.  I could go on and on.

We’ve listened to people in their eighties and one or two in their nineties promise to distribute 250 to 1000 booklets by themselves.  We have personally labeled upwards to 80 boxes going to a single address.  We have loaded cars full of boxes that were going to swing states to pass them out door to door in key districts.  We have spoken to people going to college campuses distributing box after box to the next generation who were coming up who were coming up requesting more.  We have listened to widows weep for our nation, pastors pray for our nation, and patriots stand for our nation.

Yeah, I’ve received the hate too, but honestly, it isn’t worth mentioning except to say that the vileness of the left makes me proud to be on the right.

Folks, God made me believe bigger than my ability, Alice forced me to become bigger than my dreams, and you, WE THE PEOPLE, caused me to realize that God is not through with America, and until He is, America will not be through. Thanks for the lesson.

Dan Zimmerle

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