God is the God of famines.  That might sound odd in this day of American abundance and prosperity preaching, but any real look at Scripture reveals this reality.  Why?

Famines are very helpful in the lives of God’s servants.  They keep us humble.  They drive us to Him.  They test our faith.  They mature our walk.  They bless our lives.

Consider your own life for a moment.  Look back.  How much have you learned about life from your abundance?  What about from those times when the darkest midnights ravaged your soul?  All that the LORD brings into the lives of those who love Him are for our good and His glory – even famine.

Read the text above and consider the story of Isaac.  Not unlike his father, Abraham, Isaac found himself in the midst of a very grievous famine, a famine that would force him from the familiar to a land he wouldn’t choose.  There Isaac, like his father, would fall into doubts, fears, and lack of trust in the God whose blessing had been promised.  He would willingly “sacrifice the future on the altar of the present” if that were the required cost of his safety.  Nevertheless, God protected him, not because Isaac was faithful, but because God was faithful.  Sins that could have ravaged his existence and future were thwarted by a God whose “mercies are new every morning”, whose “faithfulness is great” (Lamentations 3:23).  It was there in the land of Gerar that God would bless Isaac despite his weakness.  It was there that Isaac would be developed into a man of faith.  It was there that God would show Himself strong on the behalf of His chosen.

Friend, God hasn’t changed.  His mercies are still new every morning because we need mercy every day.  His faithfulness will always be great because ours isn’t.  He will allow the famine to mature His people, and He will never leave us nor forsake us in the midst of the grievous trials.  That is who He is.

Maybe you find yourself in time of great doubt and famine.  Maybe you are wondering about the prospects of the days ahead.  There is no crystal ball to tell you what will be, but there is a Book to tell you that God will be with you in the struggle.  God doesn’t remove His own from the famines of life, but He will bless us in their midst.  Read the text a second time.  Meditate.

By Dan Zimmerle

One thought on “THE GOD OF FAMINE (GENESIS 26:1–16)

  1. Thank God for your heart to stand for the Truth. We hear you often here in Chelsea, and have a special interest in reaching Boston and this area with the gospel, that having been the focus of one person in particular for many years.

    Bob personally and prayfully door knocked the city of Lynn (Lynn, the city of sin; you don’t come out the way you went in”) in the early 80’s as a member of a Fund. Bap. church. And as one who joined him at the latter part in doing so, I can attest that “door to door” meant just that, not simply going to every building but from front door to the back and up cluttered stairs if the front door was locked, while missing virtually no one who went by on the street.

    That was in addition to being a bus captain in a “Bible Club,” etc., and not living off a salary but by non-solicitousness faith.

    The Lord later moved him into the prison ministry as Worcester House of Correction for 2.5 years, spending 7+ more hours a say working with and now reaping lost souls, until the RC staff got him kicked out due to his work (leaving Rome and AA).

    Next, the Lord moved him back to minister mainly in Boston in 92, where by God’s grace and design he has outreach to almost every Bruins, Celtics and Sox game while here, as well as in MB FL. (that is a faith story) in the coldest months, and Hampton Beach NH in the hottest.

    And as an unprofitable servant behind the scenes, i can attest that he is the real thing in holiness. Its the Bible and preaching media and prayer and holy living, thanks be to God.

    I am writing to you because if there is one person you should interview about Boston it is him. “Ye men and brethren, if ye have any word of exhortation for the people, say on.” (Acts 13:15)

    You had best fasten your seat belt however if you let him preach. He was interviewed last year by Basil Yard at WEZE, and newspapers as the Globe,
    Boston Phoenix,
    and Fenway-Kenmore Patch

    And you can hear him as part a video also linked to on my web site.

    To the glory of God as it is all His idea and by His grace./

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